Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is a real commitment from PT Bintang Toedjoe (hereinafter referred to as "BINA") to respect and protect any personal data and/or information of the User of site, its derivative sites, and its mobile application (hereinafter referred to as the “Site/Application”). This Privacy Policy is an integral and inseparable part of the Terms and Conditions referred to in the Site/Application.

Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and other information listed on the Site/Application regulate the acquisition, collection, processing, analysis, appearance, disclosure, and/or all forms of management related to the data and/or information that the User provides to BINA and/or the data and/or information that BINA obtains from the User. Such data and/or information includes the User's personal data that BINA obtains when the User registers on the Site/Application, the User accesses the Site/Application, and the User uses the services available on the Site/Application (hereinafter referred to as “Data”).

By registering, accessing and/or using the services available on the Site/Application, the User represents and warrants that each Data is true and valid, and the User hereby gives approval to BINA to obtain, collect, store, manage and use all of the Data.

A. Data Acquisition and Collection

The purpose of BINA to collecting Data is to provide services for Site/Application User, including but not limited to processing User transactions, managing and expediting the use of the Site/Application, and other purposes permitted by applicable laws and regulations. Data collected by BINA includes:

1. Data submitted independently by the User, including but not limited to Data submitted when the User:

  1. create or update an account, including but not limited to name, e-mail address, phone or mobile number, password, address, photo, and/or other information;
  2. contact BINA, including but not limited through User Services;
  3. use the services available on the Site/Application, including detailed transaction data, including the type, quantity and/or description of the product purchased, delivery address, payment channel used, transaction amount, transaction date and time, and other transaction details;
  4. use features that require access permission on the User's device; and/or
  5. other data submitted through third party services in connection with the use of the

2. Data recorded when the User uses the Site/Application, including but not limited to:

  1. real or approximate location data, including but not limited to IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, Wi-Fi locations, geo-locations, and so on;
  2. data in the form of time from each User activity, including but not limited to registration, login, use of Site/Application services, and so on;
  3. User preferences or usage data, including User interactions in using the Site/Application, saved choices, and selected settings. Such data is obtained using, including but not limited to cookies, pixel tags, and/or similar technologies that create and maintain a unique identifier;
  4. device data, including the type of device used to access the Site/Application, including but not limited to the hardware model, operating system and version, software, file name and version, choice of language, unique device identifier, advertising identifier, serial number, device movement information, and/or cellular network information, and other additional data required by reference to the browser or application access request on the User's device;
  5. data records (logs), including records on servers that receive Data such as device IP addresses, access dates and times, application features or pages viewed, application work processes and other system activities, browser type, and/or third party sites or services that the User uses before interacting with the Site/Application.

B. Data Usage

BINA may use all or part of the Data obtained and collected from User as referred to in the previous section for the following matters:

  1. process all forms of requests, submissions, activities carried out by User through the Site/Application;
  2. provision of features to provide, realize, maintain and/or improve products and services, including but not limited to carry out internal activities required to provide services on the Site/Application, including but not limited to solving software problems, bugs, operational problems, conducting Data analysis, testing, research, and/or to monitor and analyze usage trends and activities of User;
  3. assist User when communicating using User Services through the Site/Application, including to:
    1. check and solve User problems;
    2. monitor and improve User Service responses;
  4. use the Data for research, analysis, development and/or testing purposes in order to improve the security and convenience of services on the Site/Application, as well as develop new features and/or services;
  5. monitor/investigate suspicious activities and/or transactions indicated to contain elements of fraud or violations of the Terms and Conditions or applicable laws and regulations, as well as take necessary actions as a follow-up to the results of monitoring/investigation of such activities and/or transactions;
  6. BINA may use and/or disclose Data for law enforcement purposes, including but not limited to disputes that occur between the User and BINA.

C. Data Disclosure

BINA hereby represents and warrants that BINA will not sale, transfer, distribute and/or lend the Data to any party without obtaining prior permission from the User, except in the cases of:

  1. disclosure of Data is required to third parties who assist BINA in providing services on the Site/Application and processing all forms of User activity on the Site/Application;
  2. BINA may provide relevant Data to vendors, legal consultants, financial consultants, external auditors, marketing partners, research firms, similar service providers, and/or other third parties, including but not limited to marketing activities carried out by third parties;
  3. User contacts BINA through public media such as blogs, social media, and/or certain features on the Site/Application, where communication between User and BINA may be publicly visible;
  4. BINA may share Data with its subsidiaries and/or affiliates to help provide services or perform Data processing for and on behalf of BINA;
  5. BINA discloses Data in an effort to comply with legal obligations and/or legitimate requests from law enforcement officials and/or authorized government agencies.